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Victory, and total domination for the Dubs this season. Probably the most well-deserved title for any NBA team in a decade.

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I usually don't like teams that are over-praised, but the Dubs make an exception. It's beautiful to watch them play. And Curry... well, I adore him.

Here's a neat analysis of what makes their game so exceptional. In one word: screens! (source)
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This little incident made my day. Read more... )
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A new record at the ATP Australian Open was set the other day by Ivo Karlovic and Horacio Zeballos, who not only played a five-set game between themselves, but also had to play 42 games in the final set. The Croat won 22-20 in the decider. Unfortunately, this completely drained the life out of the giant, and he was easily defeated in the next round. Still, the record remains as quite an impressive achievement. (source)
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Nice overview of the phenomenon that is the Golden States Warriors here. Basically, they're now competing with themselves. I mean, just look at this...

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Poor, poor LBJ...

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