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A potentially groundbreaking discovery, the first direct observation of two supermassive black holes orbiting a shared gravitational centre and being in a process of merging, could shed light on the way galaxies are formed and merge between themselves. It's also a good opportunity to further explore gravitational waves. (source)
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That's it. The gravitational waves are real. They've been detected for the third time now, their existence confirmed. (source)
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Scientists offer more detail on flagship programme to harness quantum effects in devices

It's a project with great potential for bringing computational science to a qualitatively new level. It also provides an answer to the eternal layman's question, "Why are we throwing all that money onto stuff we don't care about?"
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Cassini's second dive between Saturn and its rings shows a strange absence of debris and dust in that zone:


Seems like the equatorial plain has cleared out all objects through gravitation so thoroughly throughout the eons, that there's nothing much left to arrange around. It has all either fallen into Saturn itself, or joined the rings system.
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Here's the first ever race of molecule-cars!

The NanoCar Race is an event organised by the CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research.

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It’s almost like a scene in war movies or an escape movie. The villain is pursuing the hero and fires a gun into the water. The bullets go speeding past the hero’s head, narrowly missing him. Those scenes are definitely not what happens here... (source)

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How would our Sun look like if seen from every planet in our Solar system? Some of these simulations are pretty intriguing... (source)
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Love Sean Carroll's talks. Probably more than NdGT's even. He makes them fun and understandable, but without all the rambling and preaching. Like this one:

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Astronomers predict a “red nova” will brighten our skies in 2022. Cataclysmic merger of two stars should briefly create a very bight, red object. (source)
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CERN's Latest Experiment Has People Concerned That They're Manifesting Hell On Earth

I've given up trying to explain in plain terms that even an imbecile would understand, what CERN is actually about. It's pointless. Let them freak the hell out. I'd rather just grab the popcorn and entertain myself at this point.
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The LIGO discovery, of course. Detecting gravitational waves and confirming a prediction that Einstein had made a century ago, is not just a remarkable achievement by itself, but it potentially opens the door wide for a whole new direction of scientific discovery. It's one of those fundamental eureka moments that provide the next push for knowledge, and then the next. (source)

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