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Reeling? Who's reeling?
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This could backfire on May, at least as soon as Scotland is concerned. Scotland looks fired up and ready to rally in a nationalist vote to counter the Tories' rush towards a hard Brexit. The specific voting system in the UK (first past the post) could allow them to have a significant presence in the Commons if they play their cards well. And we all know their end game.
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Putin may be denying it, but the Russian government *is* involved in cyber warfare on massive scales. In a way, they've been smart enough to realise that this is one of the modern pillars of geopolitical influence, and they've excelled at it. Runaway hackers who've either been employed by the Kremlin before, or have escaped recruitment, are popping up one after another, and telling their stories, thus helping to shape up a picture that's worthy for a grand spy movie trilogy. Or three. (source)
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Alright, then. A promise is a promise. This poll here was the final trigger to prompt my comment on my own political stances, at long last. Dont be shocked.

I commented there, but here it is.
My political manifesto )

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[edit] I offered a solution, but under one condition. People's minds should change first, then people's way of perceiving the world, and with that, the prerequisites for my model coming reality would be in place. But not before that. I'm fully aware that we're not ready for that stage of society yet. Not so fast. We've seen what shit can happen when people are hurrying to jump into things they know little or nothing about, too fast.

And yet, the picture i viewed is ultimately the solution. And it WILL come true one day. Maybe not in my lifetime, but still, it will.

Either that or we'll go back to being monkeys. Or we'll just blow this whole place up.

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