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Arsenal have won the FA Cup after beating London rivals and new champs Chelsea in a thrilling game. The final score was 2-1, and Aaron Ramsey scored the winner. This will probably further complicate the case that an increasing number of fans are making for removing Arsene Wenger after, what... a century, a millenium at the club's helm? Still, it's good to get some silverware after yet another disappointing season where the Gunners have ended up outside the Champions League spots for the first time in eternity. (source)
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Seems like the Gunners have decided to use the services of an experienced shrink, the one who actually helped raise the NZ rugby team to its current dominant position. And boy, do they need this. Wenger's boys have always had problems with consistency, especially in the face of high-stake pressure. Let's see if this will work. (source)
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Scottish team Bonnyrigg Rose are from the 7th division of Scottish football, but that hasn't stopped them from making a dream run through the Scottish Cup, eliminating a series of bigger teams, to finally reach a historic encounter with current trophy holders Hibernians. Oh, and they want the game to be at their fave local team's ground, to make things even more historic. Good luck, Roses! (source)

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