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The SA rugby 7s team is totally dominating this year's world series, winning 4 out of 5 events thus far and getting one runner-up spot in addition. The closest second team, the presumed big favourites and Olympic champions Fiji are trailing 24 pts behind. They were beaten once more by our lads in a thrilling final game in Vegas in the weekend. Seems like the Blitzboks have found the perfect blend of talent and experience, solid defense and light-speed attacking, tremendous power and cunning strategy, to gain the edge over everybody else. Some remarkable results, like the amazing comeback against USA in the semi-final, are showing that this team has really developed a predator extinct currently unmatched by anyone else. And all this, in the temporary absence of their biggest star, winger Seabelo Senatla who's been called into the Cape Town Stormers team A for the SuperRugby matches. Well done. Really well done! Perhaps the Springboks could use that success as a launching ground to initiate their own much coveted revival?

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